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Facial Implants can be used to define and bring better balance to facial structure and features. If the structure of the face is out of balance such as a recessed chin, undefined jaw or flat cheeks, implants may be a good option for you.

Chin Implants can balance the face by putting the chin in proportion to the forehead and mid-face. Chin implants can also improve a recessed chin that seems to disappear and make it a more distinct facial feature.

Cheek implants can increase the look of cheekbones and add volume to areas that are recessed or flat.

Facial implants can also be done along with other surgeries such as rhinoplasty, face lift, or neck liposuction.

The results from facial implants can be seen immediately following the surgery and normal activities and social events can resume in 1-2 weeks after bruising and swelling has gone away.

Facial implants are made with biocompatible materials and come in many shapes and sizes. Dr. Wolpoe will help you decide the implants that are best for you based on your facial structure and goals.

For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Wolpoe, please call us at 406-657-4653 or
1-800-332-1774, ext. 4653.

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