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ExpressCare Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?

A: Most insurance will be billed but customers may be required to pay their co-pay at the time of service. Customers without accepted insurance will be required to pay at the time of service. Customers may pay any required cost by check or credit card.

Q: What medical insurances are accepted?

A: All commercial and Medicare medical insurances will be billed. ExpressCare does not participate in all medical insurance plans. A list of insurance plans and networks that ExpressCare participates in may be found at This listing may be different than the plans and networks that other Billings Clinic locations participate in. Customers will need to check with their specific plan to determine if the services will be considered covered and considered in-network.

Q: What medical insurances are NOT accepted?

A: ExpressCare will not accept or bill Medicaid, Healthy Montana Kids Plus, Healthy Montana Kids, Indian Health Service, Tricare, Veterans Administration or Workers Compensation. Customers with one of these insurances are welcome to utilize ExpressCare, but will be required to pay at the time of service.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Appointments are made by selecting Appointments, Services or Locations within the eScheduling application.

Q: What Services are offered?

A: Primary care for minor medical issues.

Q: What is the telephone number for Billings Clinic ExpressCare?

A: We can be reached at 406-435-4500.

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