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Fat transfer refers to the process of taking fat from one area such as the abdomen or other area and injecting it into the face. The goal of the procedure is to add fullness, volume and some lifting to the facial structure.

Anyone can benefit from fat injections to the face. As we age, the dermis under the skin thins out, making the face look too thin and skin looking saggy. This can happen to women of any body type. A fat injection adds fat to the area beneath the skin leaving a look that is natural and more youthful.

Common areas for fat injection include the lips, cheeks, chin and under the eyes. Fat injections can also be used around the mouth and nasolabial folds (corners of the nose to corners of the mouth). Fat injections also work well in conjunction with a facelift to add volume and fullness where it used to be.

Fat injections can be done under local anesthesia. Using small syringes, fat is harvested from the hip, inner or outer thigh or lower abdomen and then injected to the desired areas. A large percentage of the fat transfer will stay and the face will fill out and look more youthful.

Fat Transfer Before and After
Provided courtesy of Mark Berman, MD and reprinted with permission by Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

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