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Scars occur when multiple layers of skin are affected and can appear after recovery from an injury, surgery, acne or a burn. There are many types of scars and some are more noticeable than others. Scars may appear red or have lighter or darker pigmentation than surrounding skin.

Other types of scars can be raised directly over the wound site making them more noticeable. Scars can even be painful and itchy and extend beyond the wound site. Scars can be very unattractive especially when they appear on the face. Scars can never be removed completely but in many cases they can be greatly improved and less noticeable.

There are many ways to treat scars and Dr. Wolpoe can explain those to you and advise you on the best option for you at your consultation appointment.

  • Topical treatments can be used to help wound healing and reduce the chances of irregular pigment. These treatments can also help with reducing pigment of existing scars and also aid in healing of scar revision treatments.
  • Injectable treatments can also be used to make depressed scars less noticeable. Depending on your scar, results can last several months to several years.
  • Other surface treatments can also be used to treat scars and this would include: derm abrasion, laser therapy, chemical peels, or topical bleaching agents to lighten areas of discoloration.

Scars can also be removed surgically to improve appearance and make them less obvious. For the best possible result, depending on the scar, treatment may require more than one type of scar revision.

Scar Treatment Before and After
Provided courtesy of Girish Munavalli MD, MHS (Acleara) and reprinted with permission by Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Wolpoe, please call us at 406-657-4653 or 1-800-332-1774, ext. 4653.

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