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April 26, 2011

New Accountable Health Care Public Education Program Launched

Billings Clinic health care programs are among those recognized as providing value to patients and the health care industry

Billings, MT— Billings Clinic is one of the physician group practice organizations recognized in a new public awareness program as being among those health care organizations that provide value and are “accountable” to patients. Developed by The Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP), a subsidiary of the American Medical Group Association, this new public awareness initiative provides the consumer, media, and policymakers with resources and information about the value of care coordination and accountable care to patients and to national health care reform as a whole. The project,, provides easily accessible tools, research, definitions, case studies, and FAQs about what accountable care should be, why it’s important to the health of our country, and how to find it today in America.

“We know there are models of care delivery which deliver very high value. In these organizations, physicians and hospitals work extremely close together as part of the same organization allowing them to be more accountable around quality and cost,” said Nicholas Wolter, MD, CEO of Billings Clinic.

The campaign is comprised of a series of three micro sites— (for consumers), (for the media) and (for policymakers). The accountable care philosophy it promotes (and which is practiced by the CAPP organizations and others), is based on five principles: 1) A patient-centered approach to care that emphasizes primary care and prevention; 2) the use of health information technology to improve information-sharing and communication among providers; 3) team-based, coordinated care and case management; 4) evidence-based treatment options; and 5) appropriate access to care services to ensure that patients get the right care at the right time. User-friendly assessments and online tools help the public understand why these principles are important to improve the American health care system.

“This campaign strives to illustrate what health care that is accountable and patient-centered can look like when healthcare providers are properly motivated to work together,” said CAPP Chairman, Dr. Francis J. Crosson, who is also a two-term Medicare Payment Advisory Committee appointee. “There are many medical groups and health care organizations in this country that embrace accountability for cost and quality, and as such have become leaders in our industry. We want to share our knowledge and best practices so that the general public, media, and policymakers can come to understand what can be achieved when ‘systems’ of care are aligned in the patient’s best interest.”

About The Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP): CAPP is a consortium of some of America’s most prominent physician-led group practices and organized health systems, such as Billings Clinic, Geisinger Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Group Health, Intermountain Healthcare, HealthPartners, The Permanente Federation, Mayo Health Systems, and others. It is the goal of CAPP to 1) demonstrate that accountable physician practices deliver effective, efficient health care that improves clinical outcomes, satisfies patients, and controls costs, and 2) foster the development of accountable physician practices (or accountable care organizations) as a model for U.S. health care system reform.

For more information about CAPP and the 5RealAnswers campaign, contact: Toyomi Igus, Communications Director, Council of Accountable Physician Practices,, or visit

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