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Illness & Conditions Machado-Joseph Disease  ()
Illness & Conditions Macroglossia  ()
Illness & Conditions Macrovascular Diabetes Complications 06/04/2014 ()
Macrovascular Diabetes Complications Topic Contents Topic Overview Related Information Credits Macrovascular Diabetes Complications Topic Overview Macrovascular diabetes complications are diseases and conditions of the large blood vessels caused by diabetes . These complications can occur in blood vessels in any part of the body.
Illness & Conditions Macular Degeneration  ()
Illness & Conditions Mad Cow Disease 06/04/2014 ()
Mad Cow Disease Topic Contents Overview Latest Information Other Places To Get Help References Credits Mad Cow Disease Overview What is mad cow disease, and does it infect people? Mad cow disease is a fatal disease that slowly destroys the brain and spinal cord ( central nervous system ) in cattle. It also is known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE. People cannot get mad cow disease.
Illness & Conditions Madelung's Disease  ()
Illness & Conditions Maffucci Syndrome  ()
Illness & Conditions Maggie Morris: Plan Ahead When You Eat Out 01/25/2013 ()
Maggie Morris: Plan Ahead When You Eat Out Topic Contents Maggie Morris Credits Maggie Morris: Plan Ahead When You Eat Out Maggie Morris Maggie Morris still eats a little birthday cake now and then. And she doesn't shy away from restaurants, because she loves to eat out. She just makes sure to allow for it in her eating plan. Morris says she knows that to deprive herself of any treats or other high-fat foods would just make her want them more.
Illness & Conditions Maggie's Story: Making Changes for Her Health 03/12/2014 ()
Maggie's Story: Making Changes for Her Health Topic Contents Maggie's story Credits Maggie's Story: Making Changes for Her Health Maggie's story Maggie lost some weight a few years ago. But like many people who go on diets, she couldn't keep the pounds off. She didn't eat enough food, so she was hungry. And she denied herself the food she really loved, like pizza. Then she changed the way she looked at food and what it meant to be healthier. She lost 50 pounds and is now at her goal weight.
Illness & Conditions Maggie's Strategies for Eating Healthy 01/25/2013 ()
Maggie's Strategies for Eating Healthy Topic Contents Maggie's strategies Credits Maggie's Strategies for Eating Healthy Maggie's strategies Maggie Morris lost 50 pounds by focusing on one meal at a time. "I don't eat the way I used to. It's a matter of making choices every day. One day I might decide to eat more than another day, and that's okay, as long as I'm paying attention," she says. Here are some of the things that helped her pay attention to what she eats: Take it one meal at a time.
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