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Discussing sexuality is often avoided due to the sensitive, personal nature of the subject.  However, it is important to acknowledge sexuality as an integral part of life. 

Sexuality plays an important role in how we form intimate relationships and how we feel about ourselves as a man or a woman.  Touching, kissing, caressing and sexual intercourse are all aspects of sexuality, as are emotional intimacy, self image and self esteem.  Illness, genetic conditions and trauma can all greatly impact a person's sexuality.  There are resources available to assist with the physical and emotional consequences of these problems.  You do not need to struggle alone in this important area of your life. 

If you have questions about sexuality, do not be afraid to talk to your doctor or other health care team member.  Your health care professionals understand the impact your condition and its treatments can have on sexuality.

To learn more about sexuality as it relates to your condition/illness, visit with your health care provider and explore the "QuickLinks" in the right column of this page.


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