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Montana Endowment Tax Credit

Through 2013, the Montana Endowment Tax Credit provides a special tax credit for certain types of gifts to nonprofit organizations, including Billings Clinic Foundation. This credit is offered to individual taxpayers, small businesses, corporations, and estates, and increases the federal tax deduction.

How the tax credit works:

  • The donation must be to an endowment (the gift is held and invested in perpetuity and only the income can be used to support the endowed purpose) held by a qualified charity, such as Billings Clinic Foundation. The gift can create an endowment or it can be made to an existing endowment. Click here to learn more about endowments.
  • The credit may not exceed the taxpayer’s Montana income tax liability and is limited to 40% of the value of the charitable gift.
  • The maximum credit an individual taxpayer can take is $10,000.
  • The tax payer may take a tax-credit or a tax-deduction from the amount being claimed, but not both.
  • The credit must be applied in the tax year in which the gift was made.


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The Foundation manages over 70 funds to support Billings Clinic and health care initiatives throughout our community.
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