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Native American Health Enhancement Program

The Billings Clinic Native American Health Enhancement (NAHE) Program focuses on the cultural needs of Native American patients and their families. Respect for traditional beliefs and practices of Native Americans is a cornerstone of the care Billings Clinic provides to Native American Patients and families. The social workers for Native Americans focus on the unique spiritual, psychological and cultural needs of Native American patients and families. Billings Clinic partners with individuals having specific tribal Native American cultural expertise to develop processes and protocols aimed at promoting continuity of care.

If you are interested in a Family Care Conference with your physician, ask the nurse taking care of you or a family member.

The social worker for Native American Patients conducts daily patient care rounds on every Native American patient who is hospitalized in the medical units. They pro-actively facilitate trust building with Native American patients and families, which opens lines of communication, supporting optimal patient outcomes.

  Social Worker

  • Identifies resources to meet the health care needs of Native American patients and families
  • Serves as a proactive liaison among Billings Clinic staff, Indian Health Services, Service Units, Tribal Health, and other community-based health care representatives
  • Arranges alternative placements and transfers
  • Coordinates transportation
  • Provides IHS education to patients and families on services available and eligibility requirements

Social Worker: 406-435-1571

  Smudging Policy

Billings Clinic has a Smudging Policy for persons who use ceremonial smudging as part of a spiritual practice. The Pastoral Care Department has on site, cedar, sage and sweet grass available for use in smudging, and patients are invited to bring their own incense products for smudging, if desired.

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