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Wellness PlateWith the rise in occurrences of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease, nutritional health is essential to all of us and to future generations. At Billings Clinic/Sodexo, we are passionate about finding solutions to help make people of all ages feel better. As your dietitians, we are committed to providing you the most current and proactive nutrition solutions and outstanding customer care.

Hospital Inpatient Care

Licensed, registered dietitians are available to assist with hospital patients’ needs and/or concerns. Dietitians are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and are on call weekends and holidays.

Clinic Outpatient Care

Licensed, registered dietitians can provide our patients with Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) with a variety of topics to include diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2, gestational diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, oncology, weight management, chronic kidney disease, eating disorders, Celiac disease, GERD, other GI related concerns, and allergies.

Patients may also request a nutrition assessment complete with indirect calorimetry. Indirect calorimetry, also known as a metabolic cart, is a machine that measures oxygen consumption and will calculate the exact amount of calories one needs for their body and metabolism. This tool allows the dietitian to help the patient create personalized meal plans and calorie goals.

Talk with your doctor about medical nutrition therapy and ask for a referral for insurance purposes.

Reimbursement by insurance for Medical Nutrition Therapy varies. Please call your individual insurance company to find out more about reimbursement.


Alicia Burtchett RD, LN
Specialty: General Nutrition
Department: In-patient Nutrition Services

Alta Peila RD, LN
Specialty: General Nutrition
Department: In-patient Nutrition Services

Beth Hall RD, CLC, LN
Specialty: Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition
Department: Oncology and General Surgery

Beth Wiome MBA, RD, LN, CDE
Specialty: Diabetes Management
Department: In-patient Nutrition Services

Cari Johnson RD, LN
Specialty: General Nutrition
Department: In-patient Nutrition Services

Emily Heggem RD, LN, CDE
Specialty: Diabetes Management
Department: Gestational Clinic

June Luptak RD, CSC, LN
Specialty: General Nutrition, Geriatrics
Department: Aspen Meadows

Kandice Wessel MS, RD, LN
Specialty: Oncology
Department: Oncology

Katie Sonnek RD, LN
Specialty: Diabetes Management, Weight Management
Department: Bozeman OB/GYN

Kris Kilen RD, LN, CDE, DSME
Specialty: Diabetes Management
Department: Miles City Diabetes Center

Krystie Nelson RD, LN, CNSC
Specialty: Nutrition Support; Intensive Care Unit/Trauma
Department: In-patient Nutrition Services

Lindsey McDonnell MS, RD, LN, CDE
Specialty: Diabetes Management, Weight Management
Department: Diabetes and Metabolism Center

Stephanie Selzler RD, CSP, LN
Specialty: Pediatric Specialty Clinics, Weight management, Adult and Pediatric Eating Disorders
Department: Pediatrics

Tami Waite RD, CSR, LN
ecialty: Clinical Nutrition Manager, Renal Nutrition
Department: Nutrition Services

Therese Hrncirik RD, LN, CDE
Specialty: Diabetes Management, Weight Management, Lifestyle Balance
Department: Diabetes and Metabolism Center 

Willee Brese RD, LN
Specialty: General Nutrition, Geriatrics, Gluten Free
Department: Aspen Meadows, Clinical Translational Research

Contact Information
Sodexo Nutrition Services at Billings Clinic
2800 10th Ave North
Billings, MT 59107

To schedule an appointment with a dietitian, contact the appointment desk at 406-238-2501 or 1-800-332-7156.

Most outpatient dietitian appointments are located on the third floor of the clinic in Internal Medicine.

Questions: send an email to

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