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Many people visit Billings Clinic’s Web site to obtain reliable health information. Educational videos are part of that resource we provide and we are proud to offer the following free, unique, educational programs.

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Billings Clinic partners with Emmi Solutions, LLC, which provides the web-based programs that make complex medical information easy to understand. They use a soothing voice, animation and east-to-read text, to help you prepare for your upcoming procedure or manage your chronic condition. These video programs walk you through your health condition or procedure and care, and answer frequently asked questions, so you can take control of your health.

Most Emmi programs take about 20 minutes to complete. You can view them from the comfort of your home or anywhere that has internet access.

The video will take you step-by-step through your upcoming procedure (or condition), including:

  • Your condition
  • Why your doctor has recommended surgery
  • What to expect before surgery
  • An overview of your procedure
  • What to expect after surgery
  • Alternatives

Learn more about several urology procedures by watching one of the following programs:

  • Radical prostatectomy
  • Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy
  • Transurethral resection or ablation of the prostate
  • Urethral Sling
  • Vasectomy

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