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Title   Breast Cancer (RTOG 1005): Early Stage
Description   A Randomized Phase III Trial of Accelerated Whole Breast Irradiation with Hypofractionation Plus Concurrent Boost versus Standard Whole Breast Irradiation Plus Sequential Boost for Early-Stage Breast Cancer
IRB Number   RTOG R1005
Category   Breast Cancer
Inclusion/Notes   Stage I or II plus: <50 yrs old; or positive axillary nodes; or lymphovascular invasion; or more than 2 close resection margins (>0mm to 25.
pStage 0 with nuclear grade 3 DCIS and patient <50 yrs old
ypStage 0, I or II resected by lumpectomy after neoadjuvant systemic chemotherapy

DCIS and >50 y/o, or nuclear grade 1 or 2 DCIS <50 y/o are inelgibile.
Treatment that includes regional node irradiation are inelgibile.
Start Date   06/10/2011
Principal Investigator (PI)   John Schallenkamp, MD
Contact Name   Susan Dillon, RN
Contact Email
Phone   (406) 435-7443
Fax   (406) 435-7489
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