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Title   Prostate Cancer (RTOG 0938): Hypofractionated Radiation treatment for Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer
Description   "A Randomized Phase II Trial of Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer."
Radiation treatments are delivered over the course of two and a half weeks. Arm 1 is 5 radiation treatments given twice a week with 1 treatment in the third week. Arm 2 is 12 radiation treatments given daily five days a week.
IRB Number   RTOG 0938
Category   Prostate
Inclusion/Notes   Histologically confirmed diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the prostate within 180 days of randomization; Gleason scores 2-6; Clinical Stage T1-2a; PSA <10 (should not be obtained within 10 days of biopsy)

Exclusion criteria (list may not be all-inclusive): ~prior or concurrent invasive malignancy unless continually disease free for a min. of 5 yrs; ~ distant metastasis; ~regional lymph node involvement; ~previous pelvic radiation, hormonal therapy or radical surgery; ~use of finasteride or dutasteride within 30 or 90 days, respectively; ~ prior or concurrent chemo for prostate cancer; ~ severe or active co-morbidities as defined per protocol
Status   Active/Open
Start Date   09/17/2012
Principal Investigator (PI)   John Schallenkamp, MD
Physician Profile   Radiation Oncologist
Contact Name   Susan Dillon, RN
Contact Email
Phone   (406) 435-7443
Fax   (406) 435-7489
Funding Source   NCI
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