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Title   PaceMaker
Description   The Billings Clinic Research Center is teaming up with the Billings Clinic Cardiology department.
Category   Cardiology
Inclusion/Notes   You may qualify if:
* Age 18 or above
* Class I or II indication for implantation of a signle or dual chamber pacemaker
* Willing and capable of undergoing an MR Scan without intravenous sedation
Status   Currently Recruiting
Start Date   09/23/2013
Principal Investigator (PI)   Loren Budge, MD
Physician Profile   Loren Budge, MD
Contact Name   Recruitment Nurse
Contact Email   Marilyn Lindell
Phone   (406) 657-4111
Alternate Phone   (800) 996-2663
Fax   (406) 247-6512
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