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Title Start Date Principal Investigator (PI)
Prostate CTSU C70807 Observation 05/21/2012  Venu Thirukonda, MD 
Asthma 08/12/2014  Kathleen Davis, MD 
Asthma - Pediatric 05/04/2012  Kathleen Davis, MD 
Bladder Ca:C90601 Advanced Transitional Cell Carcinoma 09/11/2009  Venu Thirukonda, MD 
Bladder Cancer (RTOG 0524): Non-Cystectomy Candidates w Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer 09/12/2008  John Schallenkamp, MD  
Brain (N0577): Anaplastic Glioma, First Line 06/10/2011  Venu Thirukonda, MD 
Brain Cancer (RTOG R0834): Non-1P/19Q deleted Anaplastic Glioma 06/10/2011  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Brain Cancer: E3F05 Gliomas 11/13/2009  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Breast: DCIS HER2+ 12/12/2008  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Crohns 09/29/2013  Steven Hammond, MD 
CTSU SCISF0806 08/25/2011  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
E2108: Early Local Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer 04/08/2011  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
E3108: A Prospective Trial Correlating Progression Free Survival with CYP2D6 Activity in Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer with Tamoxifen 11/12/2010  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
GI (RTOG 0848): Resected Head of Pancreas Treatment with Chemotherapy and Radiation 01/08/2010  John Schallenkamp, MD 
GI (RTOG 1010): HER2-Overexpressing Esophageal adenocarcinoma 03/11/2011  John Schallenkamp, MD 
GI Unresectable Hepatocelluar Carcinoma 12/11/2009  Roger Santala, MD 
GI- Colorectal Cancer Adjuvant 08/30/2010  Roger Santala, MD 
GOG 0241 Ovarian/Fallopian Tube/Primary Peritoneal Cancer: MUCINOUS EPITHELIAL OVARIAN OR FALLOPIAN TUBE CANCER 12/14/2010  Randall Gibb, MD 
GOG 0258 Endometrial Cancer: Endometrial Advanced Carcinoma, First Line 08/14/2009  Randall Gibb, MD 
GOG-0225 OVARIAN, FALLOPIAN TUBE AND PRIMARY PERITONEAL diet control 06/29/2012  Randall Gibb, MD 
GOG-0274 locally advanced cervical 06/06/2012  Randall Gibb, MD 
Gout 08/12/2014  Larry Severa, MD 
GU: S0931 Renal Cancer 05/26/2011  Venu Thirukonda, MD 
Head & Neck Cancer (RTOG 0920): Postoperative Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Resected 02/12/2010  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Head & Neck Recurrent and Metastatic 10/10/2008  Venu Thirukonda, MD 
Head and Neck (RTOG 1016): HPV Associated Oropharynx Cancer 08/12/2011  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Leukemia (CA180330): Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Observational Study 09/26/2011  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Leukemia (CC-5013-AML-001): Acute Myeloid Leukemia Not Previously Treated Age 65 and Older 04/25/2012  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Leukemia (E2906): Newly Diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Older Adults 04/08/2011  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Leukemia (S1117) : CML and Myelodysplastic Syndromes 06/08/2012  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Lung Cancer (RTOG 0937): Cranial Irradiation in Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer 04/09/2010  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Lung Cancer: C30610 Limited Stage Small Cell Comparing Thoracic Radiation 05/09/2008  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Lung Cancer: Circulating Tumor Cells Stage IV, 2nd Line 02/15/2008  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Lung Cancer: CTSU 5508 Stage IIB or IV (1st or 2nd Line) 10/08/2010  Pamela Smith, MD 
Lung Cancer: Stage IV or Recurrent NSCLC 08/14/2009  Pamela Smith, MD 
Lymphoma (C50904): Follicular Lymphoma Untreated 06/08/2012  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Lymphoma (S1001): Limited Stage Diffuse Large B Cell 09/09/2011  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Melanoma E1609 05/21/2012  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Melanoma E2607 05/21/2012  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Merck V212-011 01/06/2012  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Multiple Myeloma (DMAB): Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma with Bone Disease 06/12/2012  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Multiple Myeloma (E3A06): Hi-Risk Smoldering Myeloma 12/10/2010  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Multiple Myeloma (MMRF): Observational Study in Newly Diagnosed 10/18/2011  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
N0871 Unknown Primary 11/13/2009  Jorge Nieva, MD 
N0872 recurrent Gliioblastoma 05/21/2012  Jorge Nieva, MD 
NSABP Protocol DMP-1 08/25/2011  Brock Whittenberger, MD 
Pacemaker 09/26/2013  Loren Budge, MD 
Prostate Cancer (RTOG 0534) w Rising PSA after Radical Prostatectomy 01/11/2008  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Prostate Cancer (RTOG 0622): Irradiation for High Risk Clinically Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer After Prostatectomy 05/08/2009  John Schallenkamp, MD  
Prostate Cancer (RTOG 0815): Radiotherapy with or without Short Term Androgen Deprivaiton Therapy 02/12/2010  John Schallenkamp, MD  
Prostate Cancer (RTOG 0924): Androgen Deprivation and High dose Radiation Therapy With or Without Whole Pelvic Radiation 10/15/2012  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Prostate Cancer (RTOG 0938): Hypofractionated Radiation treatment for Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer 09/17/2012  John Schallenkamp, MD 
Prostate Cancer: CALGB 90202 with Bone Metastates Prevention of Skeletal Related Events 03/12/2004  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Prostate Cancer: CALGB 90203 Prior to Prostatectomy 02/09/2007  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Prostate Cancer: CTSU PR11 favorable risk prostate cancer 06/11/2010  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Prostate Cancer: S0925 Hormone-Sensitive Metastatic Prostate Ca 02/11/2011  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Prostate Cancer:E3805 Extensive Disease 09/08/2006  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Prostate: S1014 Metastatic, First Line 08/15/2011  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Spine (RTOG 0631): Localized Metastasis 02/12/2010  John Schallenkamp, MD 
SWOG- S0905 Mesotheilioma 05/21/2012  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Symptom Management Cancer Related Fatigue 11/13/2009  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Symptom Management Hot Flashes with Prostate Cancer 09/11/2009  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Symptom Management Nausea and Vomiting with Radiation Therapy 01/08/2010  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Symptom Management Paclitaxel Associated Pain 04/10/2009  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Symptom Management Patient Receiving Treatment for Bone Metastases 01/09/2009  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Symptom Management Taxane Induced Neuropathy 06/12/2009  Jorge Nieva, MD 
Type 1 Diabetes - 3001 08/12/2014  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Type 1 Diabetes - ADJUNCT 2 06/16/2014  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Type 1 Diabetes - CANON 08/12/2014  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Type 2 Diabetes (BCB109) 12/28/2010  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Type 2 Diabetes (DEVOTE) 09/26/2013  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Type 2 Diabetes (ITCA 107) 05/28/2013  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Type 2 Diabetes - 3002 08/12/2014  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Type 2 Diabetes - EndoBarrier, The ENDO trial 12/24/2012  James Mack, MD 
Unterine Corpus Cancer: Stage 1-3 02/11/2011  Randall Gibb, MD 
Weight Loss Medication 08/07/2014  Christopher Sorli, MD 
Z1071: A Phase II Study Evaluating Lymph Node Positive Cancers   Jorge Nieva, MD 
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