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Your primary care provider or cardiologist will schedule your appointment with the Cardiovascular Surgery department.
Frequently Asked Questions About Heart Surgery

How can I increase my strength, prevent complications, and speed my recovery?

Is it okay to cough and breathe deeply?

How long do I have to wear my Ted Hose stockings?

Why are my bowel functions different?

What will help Bowel functioning?

Why am I not hungry?

What is normal weight gain?

When can I resume sexual relations?

I am an emotional roller coaster. Is that okay?

Why do I feel like my cognitive functions are slower or I am “fuzzy-headed”?

Do you have financial assistance with filling prescriptions?

What if I have a question regarding proper medication use?

Should I still take my medications I took before my surgery?

What if my pain is not intense enough for prescription medications?

When can I return to work?

Why do I need cardiac rehabilitation?

What is normal for my incision?

What are signs or symptoms of infection?

How do I clean my incision?

What is that occasional clicking noise or sensation in my chest?

Is it okay to have muscle pain or tightness between your shoulder blades?

When and what are my follow-up appointments?

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