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Lactate Threshold (LT) testing is the single most important physiologic marker used to profile an athlete’s responses to a range of exercises.


Lactate Threshold (LT) testing at the Human Performance Center measures heart rate, rating of perceived exertion, blood lactate levels, and the intensity at which the athlete reaches the lactate threshold.

When measurements are complete, the athlete can use the information to determine appropriate training zones. Training at the appropriate intensity greatly improves the LT, which is an important predictor of sustained endurance performance.

The Lactate Threshold test measures the lactate levels in whole blood, hence the necessity for a complementary blood sample. The test is performed while the athlete is biking on an ergometer bike trainer, the athlete’s own bike, or while running on a treadmill. Typically, the discipline at which you are strongest and most comfortable should be the discipline performed for the tests. Administering the test while working at a weaker discipline results in an ideal baseline for work on improving performance in that particular discipline.

Depending on fitness level, the Lactate Threshold effort level is equivalent to a 45-to-90 minute race exertion. Multiple testing assesses the effectiveness of training over several months.

  • The Joint Commission on Disease-Specific Certifications
  • ANCC Magnet Recognition
  • Blue Distinction Award
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