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Billings Clinic Foundation

Families helping families - Help fill the Piggy Bank for Billings Clinic Kids

Would you like to become a Crowd Funder?

Harness the love and support of your social network to make a "pig" difference in the lives of these deserving families.

Click the left arrow above the Pig and choose "Become a fundraiser."

Sadly, it could happen to any of us... 

Your family's life forever changed in one heartbreaking moment. Feelings of fear and anxiety are overwhelming as you learn of your child's serious, life-altering diagnosis for the first time. While dealing with the devastating emotional stress, you adjust to your family's new reality. As you begin to realize your child will need life-long care, a new set of worries set in. Co-pays, missed time at work, childcare for siblings, increased utility bills, custom transportation and home renovations consume your family's financial reserves. Your greatest concern remains your child and you make every sacrifice, but sometimes it is still not enough.

Families helping families...

There is no greater gift than our community coming together to wrap our collective arms around these courageous kids and their families. Just as we came together to create a loving network around our Kelker's Kids battling cancer, we need your help to create the same gift of hope for children with other serious illnesses.

The Piggy Bank Fund

The piggy bank is the universal symbol for saving, whether it is for a rainy day or something special. The Piggy Bank Fund for Billings Clinic Kids offers us a way to give immediate assistance during some of the most difficult times in a child's life. Give the priceless gift of hope today and receive your own piggy bank*, snap a selfie and share the joy of families helping families on your Facebook page! Now that's a rainy day worth saving for!

*Gifts of $50 or greater qualify for a piggy bank to be sent to your home while supplies last!

Piggy Bank Fund

Thank you for supporting Billings Clinic Kids with serious illness and their families. Your gift will give our pediatric care team the resources they need to give immediate relief during some of the most stressful times in a family's life. 

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