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Branch Clinics, Affiliate Hospitals and Clinics

Billings Clinic's branch clinics and regional specialty outreach clinics bring quality health care closer to your home. These clinics provide care for the entire family in communities throughout our region. They are supported by physicians in 51 specialty areas at our downtown Billings Clinic location.

Downtown and Branch Clinics

Affiliate Hospitals and Clinics

Billings Clinic provides management, information system and ancillary support services to area hospitals and clinics. In addition, physician and physician assistant services are provided in some locations. These are considered affiliate relationships.

Regional Specialty Outreach Clinics

Each year, more than 52 Billings Clinic physicians in 18 specialties travel in excess of 260,000 miles to provide specialty care for residents of rural Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

Not sure where to park or what door to use?

Billings Clinic Wayfinding Tool

Use our friendly wayfinding tool to navigate our Billings facilities and get where you need to go!