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We Value Your Privacy

At Billings Clinic, we value our patients and are very careful in the way we safeguard personal health information. Our privacy notice describes our policies concerning health information and our commitment to protect the privacy of our patients.

Read our complete Patient Privacy Notice.

Privacy Policy Update

Beginning June 2012, your Billings Clinic electronic medical record will be part of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) called HealthShare Montana.

HealthShare Montana, Montana’s state-designated Health Information Exchange, is a non-profit organization focused on the secure exchange of health care information to help improve health care quality and reduce costs.

Billings Clinic’s privacy policy is changing to reflect the fact that health information from your Billings Clinic electronic medical record will be a part of Montana’s Health Information Exchange, unless you choose not to make your information available.

There are numerous benefits to having your electronic medical record in the HealthShare Montana Health Information Exchange. A key benefit is:

  • If you need medical care by a non-Billings Clinic provider (for example in an emergency situation) other health care providers in Montana will be able to access your most up-to-date medical information.

To “Opt Out” of (or decline from) having your electronic medical record become a part of this Exchange, call 406-794-0170.

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