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Our Dedication to Quality and Patient Safety

  The Right Care

At Billings Clinic, our quality goal is to strive to deliver the right care for each patient the first time and every time.

Evidence Based Medicine

Billings Clinic uses care guidelines based on the best available medical research along with collaboration and teamwork among our medical specialists. These guidelines are also referred to as "evidence based medicine." With our electronic medical records (provided through our robust Clinical Information System), information can be shared at any time amongst our physicians and non-physician providers.

National Quality Priorities

Billings Clinic focuses its quality efforts around national priorities. The following organizations  provide guidelines that form the backbone of the work we carry out to help ensure our patients receive quality care.

There are many  quality initiatives ongoing at Billings Clinic including:

  • Transformation of Care in the Intensive Care Unit
  • Volunteer Hospitals of America (VHA) collaborative 

Patient Safety

Patient safety has also become both a national focus as well as a major initiative at Billings Clinic. Joint Commission and the National Quality Forum have developed national guidelines around patient safety. We have recently begun a hospital-wide initiative to take patient safety to the highest level possible including "time outs" before surgical procedures, steps to ensure correct site surgery, and reduction of medication errors to name a few.

Our new electronic medical record will further improve patient safety by checking for drug interactions, using "order sets" based on "best practices".

The physicians and health care professionals at Billings Clinic are proud of their dedication to quality and we hope you find this quality section on our Web site useful and informative.

  • Service - Our goal is to deliver outstanding service to our patients and communities in the region by anticipating and meeting their needs with compassion.
  • People - Each individual is valued, and their opinion is respected.
  • Teamwork - Each individual contributes as a member of the team accomplishing more than an individual can alone.
  • Integrity - We take responsibility for our actions and communicate openly and honestly with each other and the public.

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