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Inpatient Cancer Care Unit

Billings Clinic’s Inpatient Cancer Care unit is an important part of comprehensive cancer care at Billings Clinic and complements the outpatient Cancer Center facility located south of the Clinic.

Through thoughtful design, the unit supports our vision of truly comprehensive cancer care and gives cancer patients and their families a space that is supportive and healing.

Benefits to Our Patients

  • Our patients receive coordinated care from the same physicians for outpatient and inpatient care
  • Our oncology team meets daily to discuss current patient cases and we strive for a smooth transition when our patients need 24-hour hospital care.
  • We work together with oncology pharmacists, nurses, dietitians and other health professionals who specialize in cancer care.

Important components of the Billings Clinic Inpatient Cancer Care Unit include

Patient Comfort and Safety

Billings Clinic Inpatient Cancer Care Unit RoomSome patients, such as those going through treatment for leukemia, may be hospitalized for weeks at a time, making comfort and safety a priority. The Inpatient Cancer Care Unit features:

  • 26 private patient suites with private bathrooms
  • Special suites available for patients who are neutropenic (weakened immune systems), with a positive-airflow ventilation system that keeps harmful germs from entering the rooms
  • Nourishment stations located throughout the unit for access to nutritional snacks and beverages
  • An exercise room with high quality equipment to provide physical activity to reduce stress and help avoid complications of being sedentary during long hospitalizations
  • Decentralized nursing stations outside each room allow faster response to patient needs

Family-Focused Environment

  • Billings Clinic Inpatient Cancer Care UnitEach room has a sofa that converts to a bed for a family member to spend the night
  • Private family consultation rooms and resource centers with a variety of books
  • Shared family gathering areas, including a kitchen/dining area near patient rooms where families and friends can cook their favorite meals, eat together or enjoy celebrations together
  • Patient and family rooms have wireless Internet access
  • All patient rooms have large exterior windows to maximize daylight exposure and provide scenic views of the rims, Deaconess Healing Garden or the Beartooth Mountains.

New Technology Supports Patients

Billings Clinic Inpatient Cancer Care NurseThe inpatient oncology nurses will utilize new technology to help with patient safety including:

  • Bedside computer tablets
  • Remote telemetry to monitor patients when they are out of their rooms
  • A hands-free communication system that allows nurses to call a physician, nurse or other staff person without picking up a phone to page them or leaving the room.

Oncology Certified Nurses Provide Specialized Cancer Care

One of the advantages of a dedicated cancer care unit is the specialized oncology nurses who work with oncologists and other specialists. Many nurses on the unit are oncology certified nurses (OCN), a national certification for nurses who work in cancer care. Billings Clinic has been internationally recognized with the Magnet ® Award for nursing care since 2006, due in part to having a high number of certified registered nurses on staff.
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