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SANE Program

Billings Clinic's Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) service provides a safe place for victims of sexual assault. A private room with a private bath and shower is located in the Emergency and Trauma Center. Our specially trained SANE nurses care for sexual assault victims with dignity, help them plan their next steps, and collect evidence for law enforcement.

SANE Program

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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Services at Billings Clinic

Specially Trained SANE Nurses Dedicated to the Patient

The sexual assault exam is always done consistently, by one of 14 SANE nurses who receive more than 40 hours of training and take turns being on call 24 hours a day. The nurses chose to become nurse examiners because they are compassionate and know they could help someone in need.

Our focus is on providing confidential, expert forensic and medical care. We work to increase successful prosecution of sex offenders and to assure essential medical intervention to the victims of assault of all ages.

Adults, teens and children can come to Billings Clinic Emergency and Trauma Center for sexual assault services, with or without law enforcement. There is no charge to the patient for these services. Nearly 90 percent of victims are female.

It’s important to have one trained nurse who is dedicated to the patient. Many times, a victim feels they don’t want to pursue it; they think it’s the first time that their assailant has done this. Statistics show that is not true - it’s rarely the first time for their assailant. One victim can help prevent someone else from becoming a victim in the future. Sexual assault victims are receiving better care, law enforcement is getting better evidence and there is an improved conviction rate for sexual assault.

What to Do if You are Assaulted...

  1. Get to a safe place.
  2. Do not shower, bathe, douche, wash your hands, brush your teeth, or use a toilet.
  3. Don't change or destroy clothing.
  4. Get medical attention as soon as possible.

What to Expect from the SANE Program

The SANE nurse will:

  1. Assess and provide treatment options for any injuries. Following an assault, the survivor is frequently in a state of shock and may be totally unaware of any injuries.
  2. Help you take the first step towards regaining control of your life.
  3. Provide STD/Pregnancy prophylaxis as needed.
  4. Collect medical-forensic evidence for possible prosecution if and when a suspect is caught. It is vital that this evidence be collected as soon as possible. It will be destroyed as time passes and you begin to resume everyday activities (eating, drinking, urinating, bathing, etc.).
Any wait, no matter how short or how long may be uncomfortable. You may want to use this time to concentrate on yourself and your health. You are the survivor of a sexual assault and you have the right to whatever medical treatment you need.

Patients are often referred to the CARE Program after a visit to the SANE Program. Learn more about CARE Program.


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