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Metabolism Center

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At Billings Clinic, you'll be paired with dedicated physicians who are here to find the best option for your weight loss goal.

To learn more about weight loss (metabolic) surgery, attend one of our monthly sessions, or call us at (406) 238-2258 to schedule your appointment.

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The Billings Clinic Metabolism Center features a comprehensive program that provides individualized care through the weight loss process.

A team of professionals, led by a board-certified endocrinologist and two board-certified surgeons work with the patient to find the approach that best fits your weight loss and health goals.

Healthy non-surgical treatments available

If surgery is not an option, you might be better suited for non-surgical treatments, including:

  • Behavior modification through our Lifestyle Balance program
  • Medical consultation with endocrinologist and other skilled team members
  • Research studies

Proven surgical treatment options

Many patients in the U.S. choose surgical treatment options to help balance weight and health. These include:

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