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Sports Specific Training

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Billings Clinic Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers sports-specific training (SST), an athletic enhancement program to improve athletic performance.

Billings Clinic Sports Specific Training

Sports-Specific Training Camps and School Programs

Sports-Specific Training camps and school programs are designed to teach athletes how to maximize their potential and prevent injuries at the same time. These customized camps are offered at several schools throughout the year for athletes ranging from 7th grade to college.

SST is scientifically designed to identify and improve weaknesses and elevate athletic performance

  • Increasing speed and agility
  • Gaining strength and power
  • Improving flexibility and balance
  • Developing mental toughness
  • Preventing injuries in all sports

SST uses state-of-the-art video processing software, Dartfish, the world’s most advanced video training and analysis tool

Benefits include:

  • Documentation of testing and exercise standards
  • Timing and measuring device that enhances pre- and post-testing standards
  • Tracking speed automatically
  • Showing progression development throughout an athlete’s career
  • Creating individual training manuals with real-time coaching files
  • Documenting anatomical analysis and body screening
  • Easy integration into coaching routine
  • Analysis and breakdown that can be shared via internet, VHS, CD/DVD, email, or print

Our trainers also use these to identify athletic ability and help athletes improve their abilities to meet their goals.

Advantages of SST

  • Individual attention
  • Pre-assessment and evaluation
  • Instruction and supervision for functional weight training
  • Plyometrics, speed, agility
  • Quickness training with sports medicine staff
  • Post-assessment and evaluation

School Programs/Camps

SST Weight LifterOur qualified staff can design a customized athletic enhancement program that fits your facility's own equipment and special needs. SST camps are customized and offered at the respective schools throughout the summer for athletes ranging from 7th grade to college.

"SST's conditioning program was outstanding, our athletes were in great shape, our injuries were almost nonexistent, and our kids loved working with the trainer. We will certainly be involved in this program next season." Vicki Carle Head Volleyball Coach Skyview High School

"Since we've incorporated SST into our football training, those who participated were able to perform at a much higher level than those who did not. This increase in performance carries over to all other sports." Ron Lebsock Head Football Coach Skyview High School

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