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For your first visit to Rheumatology, you will need to ask your primary care provider for a referral. If you don't have a primary care doctor but would like assistance finding one, our registered nurses at HealthLine will be glad to assist you.


For those suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis, and other rheumatic, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, the rheumatologists at Billings Clinic provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for your condition or disease.

Our department has board-certified rheumatologists and a rheumatologic physician assistant to allow ample access to care when you need it. The staff are well trained in the complex manifestations of autoimmune disease.

Common Conditions We Treat

Working Together

Billings Clinic Rheumatologists work closely with other departments including:

If you are hospitalized at Billings Clinic, our team participates in inpatient care when disease severity requires aggressive management and monitoring.

Rheumatology Care in the Region

For the convenience to our patients and providers in the region, we participate in Telemedicine. Telemedicine enables you to stay in your home community and be seen by a Billings Clinic rheumatologist through video conferencing.

Mayo Clinic Connection

The Rheumatology department has the availability of both laboratory and additional medical support because of our close relationship with the Mayo Clinic.

Own the Bone

Own the Bone

Billings Clinic is proud to host Own the Bone, a national quality improvement program designed by the American Orthopedic Association to improve patient outcomes after a fragility fracture. In plainer language, we’re working to keep more broken bones from happening. Learn more about this program.

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