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Published on July 30, 2012

Billings Clinic Launches Web Portal that Gives Patients Access to Medical Information and Billing Accounts

Billings, MT — Implementation of the electronic medical record has allowed health professionals to share thorough patient history information. Now, Billings Clinic is giving patients access to much of this information directly, through a new web-based tool called MyBillingsClinic, which can be found MyBillingsClinic has two separate sections:

  • MyMedicalRecord allows patients to view their Billings Clinic lab results, allergy lists, immunization records, medications, health issues, surgeries and procedures. The service also includes links to research tools regarding health topics, medications, and drug interactions. Patients can also create a profile and manually track some health information, such as weight and physical activity.
  • MyAccount allows patients to view billing and insurance information, pay a bill electronically, or set up a payment plan.

MyMedicalRecord is an advancement of Billings Clinic’s initiative to provide evidence-based, team-oriented care in which the patient is at the center. MyMedicalRecord, a system operated by the health information management company Cerner Health, is designed to enhance patients’ engagement in their own medical care.

“MyMedicalRecord helps patients meet their health care needs quickly and conveniently by providing a secure, confidential and efficient way of viewing their health information anywhere that they have internet access,” said Karen Cabell, DO, internal medicine physician and Billings Clinic Chief Medical Informatics Officer. “MyMedicalRecord is one of many innovative tools we are using to empower patients and their families to engage and embrace healthy lifestyle choices and improve coordination of their health care.”

The two services, MyMedicalRecord and MyAccount, require separate registration. To ensure protection of private medical information, MyMedicalRecord requires an in-person initial registration, which can be done at the front desk of any Billings Clinic waiting room. MyAccount registration requires a patient ID number from any Billings Clinic billing statement and can be done online at

For questions or to learn more, visit or call:

MyMedicalRecord: 406-247-6400 or 1-800-332-7156

MyAccount: 406-238-2250 or 800-332-7156 ext. 2250

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