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Published on April 22, 2013

Billings Clinic becomes only regional Novo TTF treatment site

Novel therapy treats patients battling brain cancer

Billings, MT— Billings Clinic recently became the only certified site within a five state region to offer a novel therapy treatment option for adult cancer patients battling Gioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a form of brain cancer. This treatment uses a system called the NovoTTF-100A, and provides physicians and patients with a fourth treatment option for this cancer in addition to surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

NovoTTF Therapy is a non-invasive, locally or regionally delivered treatment that uses electric fields within the human body that are inferred to disrupt the rapid cell division exhibited by cancer cells. Transducer arrays are placed directly on the skin in the region surrounding the tumor. The TTFields are intended to destroy brain cancer cells.

Patients who utilize the Novo TTF 100A treatment carry the device in an over-the-shoulder bag or backpack and receive continuous treatment – at least 18 hours a day - without changing their daily routine. Patients who utilize the NovoTTF-100A treatment have relatively few side effects.

Treatment parameters are preset by NovoCure, with no electrical output adjustments required. The patient must change and recharge depleted device batteries and connect to an external power supply overnight. In addition, the transducer arrays need to be replaced once to twice a week and the scalp re-shaved in order to maintain optimal contact.

A clinical study found that the NovoTTF-100A was similar in effectiveness to cancer drugs in treating GBM. However, NovoTTF-100A subjects as a group had a better quality of life without many of the side effects of cancer drugs.

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