Billings Clinic Bozeman Radiology Services (Diagnostic Imaging)

Billings Clinic Bozeman radiologists, technologists, nursing and support staff provide comprehensive radiology procedures including diagnostic radiographs (X-rays), digital mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, CT Scans, diagnostic ultrasonography, diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, PET/CT, MRI studies, biopsies, angiographic and interventional procedures.

These procedures are performed by or under the supervision of board certified radiologists in a team atmosphere where leading edge technology is the standard. We strive to provide the highest quality, patient safety and service in Montana, Wyoming, Western North and South Dakota.

Quality Standards, Board Certification, and Accreditation

Billings Clinic Radiology Services uses the American College of Radiology (ACR) standards redeveloped to address the needs of our neonate, infant, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Our radiologists are board certified and have received advanced training in their area of sub-specialization. The Billings Clinic Bozeman Radiology Services radiologists and technologists team up to ensure a high level of care while maintaining safe radiation practices.

Meet our Providers

Paul Hunt, MDPaul Hunt, MD
Diagnostic Radiology
Meghan McKeon, MDMeghan McKeon, MD
Diagnostic Radiology

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Virtual Care

We are now offering a virtual appointment option for patients located in Montana who are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. Patients can use the virtual appointment to check symptoms, and if applicable, be referred to an appropriate care setting. In addition, providers will provide virtual SameDay care for other minor, acute needs.

Virtual appointments are available Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm using the Microsoft TEAMS platform. Patients can schedule appointments and receive technical assistance at 406-435-1108.

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Future Services

The plan for the new center also includes a multispecialty physician group practice, urgent care and outpatient surgical services.