Jennifer's Miracles

When Jennifer was just 27 weeks pregnant with twins she experienced excruciating abdominal pain. Something was seriously wrong. 

She was transferred from Sheridan Wyoming to Billings Clinic on MedFlight. Jennifer was losing blood and needed emergency surgery.

During surgery, we discovered that Jennifer had a life-threatening pregnancy condition called Placenta Percreta. All three lives were in danger.

Obstetrician Camille Osborn performed an emergency C-section to deliver the twins who were quickly transferred to the NICU. Gynecologic Oncology Surgeon, Erin Stevens; General Surgeon, John Pender; and multiple anesthesiologists and nurses worked tirelessly together to keep Jennifer alive through this complex operation.

Were it not for every person who came together that day, Jennifer’s story would have ended much differently. Thanks to an expert team and specialized care from Billings Clinic, Jennifer now has two happy and healthy toddlers, Mya and Nora.

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