We made a wish and two came true.

Brian and Dawn Rhodes got married in 2014 and tried to start a family right away. After trying unsuccessfully for a year and a half, they decided to see an infertility specialist, Dr. Stacy Shomento at Billings Clinic Bozeman OB/GYN. Dr. Shomento ran some tests and diagnosed Dawn with polycystic ovarian syndrome which is a hormone imbalance that makes it difficult to get pregnant. Brian was also tested and they found out he was born without his vas deferens, so he went to Billings Clinic in Billings to see Dr. Daniel Swanson, urologist.

The Rhodes continued to yearn for a family and, with the confident expertise of Dr. Shomento, decided to try in vitro fertilization. Thanks to the program at Billings Clinic, the Rhodes were able to stay close to home for IVF treatment.

Dawn got pregnant, not with one but two. The Rhodes made a wish and two miracles came true.

At nine weeks gestation, it was time for Dawn to see an obstetrician to follow her through the rest of her pregnancy. She asked Dr. Shomento for a referral to someone who provides care like she does. She referred Dawn to her colleague, Dr. Samuel Sillitti. He and his nurse, also Dawn, gave the Rhodes the best in prenatal care.

When it came time to deliver, the first twin was breach so they scheduled a cesarean. Both Dr. Sillitti and Dr. Shomento assisted with the delivery which happened to be on Dawn’s birthday. Once the twins, Waylon and Wyatt, were born the entire care team broke out singing Happy Birthday to all three of them.

IVF can be very daunting, but we couldn’t have asked for a better experience, along with the amazing OB care I received.
- Dawn Rhodes

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