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Billings Clinic Foundation

Philanthropy plays a critical role in helping to achieve the margins of excellence in delivering the best clinical quality, patient safety, service and value to our patients.

We are grateful to each and every donor who has made a difference in the lives of others through their gift.

We need your help to create greater access to mental health care.

Dr. Julie Kelso

"Mental health affects everyone. Either people have a personal struggle with mental illness, or they know a friend, family member, or co-worker who is suffering. This isn’t a separate group of people; this is all of us. That is why it is so important that we take care of one another and create greater access to care."

-Dr. Julie Kelso, Pscyhiatry Residency Program Director

Did you know this past year our friends and neighbors from 55 of 56 Montana counties came to Billings Clinic for mental health care services? We provided 19,929 outpatient visits and 3,101 inpatient admissions for observation or treatment. Community support has allowed our caregivers to touch the lives of thousands and has created innovative solutions to delivering mental health care in our state and region.

Sadly, despite these efforts, our state continues to have the highest suicide rate in the nation. Ninety-eight percent of Montana’s counties are designated mental health shortage areas, and we have less than a quarter of the mental health care providers needed to serve our loved ones.

Victoria Hill

“I was convinced because of postpartum depression, that I would be better off without the people closest to me. Admitting I had a problem was just the starting point of excelling and being the best mom I could possibly be.”

-Victoria Hill, Q2 News

Nik Pedersen

“I was losing everything good about me. I want people to realize, especially people in Montana, that mental illness doesn’t mean weakness.”

-Nik Pedersen, Billings Clinic Employee

Family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends may have mental health issues that go untreated due to the lack of access to care. The consequences of untreated mental illness may be profound: loss of employment, homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, damaged relationships and suicide.

Jason DeShaw

“Every human being has inherent value and is worthy of love. The connection we share with one another helps us realize why we are here. We are in this together, part of something greater than ourselves.”

-Jason DeShaw, Mental Health Activist and Musician, Helena, MT

To address the shortage of psychiatrists, Billings Clinic has partnered with the University of Washington to develop a comprehensive psychiatry residency program for our state and region, and we need your help.

Dr. Brian Schlidt

“You are affecting people who otherwise might not have the opportunity to receive care in rural communities. Ultimately, practicing in Montana will be incredibly fulfilling.”

-Brian Schlidt, MD, 1st Year Psychiatry Resident from Casper, WY

The need for access to quality mental health care has never been more critical.

Jim Duncan

“Your gift will sustain Montana’s first and only Psychiatry Residency program. We were fortunate to have incredible community support of this initiative through the 2019 Classic, but we still need $1.2 million to reach our $3.3 million goal.”

-Jim Duncan, Billings Clinic Foundation President

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

Your gift matters and truly makes a difference.

In 2018 Billings Clinic Pscychiatric Services:

  • Provided care to 19,929 patients for outpatient mental health care
  • Served 55 of 56 Montana counties, 97% of Montana
  • Served 11 of 23 Wyoming counties, 47% of Wyoming
  • Provided 5,400 clinical encounters via telepsychiatry
  • Admitted 3,101 patients for inpatient observations and/or treatment

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