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Become a Fundraising Partner for Billings Clinic

3rd Party FundraisingSubmitting Proposal

1. Download and complete the proposal.

2. Submit completed proposal to Billings Clinic Foundation for considerations via email or fax.


Fax: 406-657-3872

3. You will be notified as to the status of the event or project within 5-10 business days.

Fundraising Guidelines

    1. Billings Clinic Foundation must approve any fundraising event or project in advance which involves the use
      of the name Billings Clinic, Billings Clinic Foundation or any Billings Clinic Foundation fund. For example: Piggy Bank Fund, Patient Assistance and Kelker’s Kids.
    2. The event and project proposal form, located on the following page, must be completed and submitted to Billings Clinic Foundation for approval.
    3. Using Billings Clinic’s name and logo in any way that creates or implies liability for the event, is prohibited. Billings Clinic may not be used in the title or name of an event. Advertising and marketing materials may use the language “Proceeds to benefit Billings Clinic...”
    4. Solicitation of businesses, corporations or individuals involving direct or implied use of the Billings Clinic name must be approved by the Foundation before the solicitation. During the solicitation, it must be made clear to the donor that you are calling on behalf of your organization to raise funds that will benefit Billings Clinic patients.
    5. All advertising, including but not limited to, news releases, public service announcements, posters, banners and flyers that carry the Billings Clinc name (as outlined above) must be submitted for approval prior to production. This includes specialty items such as t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, stickers, etc.
    6. The party raising money on behalf of Billings Clinic is responsible for demonstrating proof of insurance and permits as required by law.

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Billings Clinic Foundation
PO Box 31031
2917 10th Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59107-1031

Email us or call 406-657-4670 or 844-240-4438

Philanthropic Priorities

Billings Clinic Foundation philanthropic priorities - Miracle Fund

Kelker's Kids Fund

There is a special group of kids at Billings Clinic with cancer or other serious blood disorders known as Kelker’s Kids. The Kelker’s Kids Fund was established at Billings Clinic Foundation to financially assist families during these difficult times. The fund helps families pay for expenses such as travel necessary for cancer treatment, rent, utility bills, and other needs.



Learn more about these priorities.