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Health Screenings and Tests

We know you’re busy, but it’s important to schedule an annual physical exam for your own preventive care. Your primary care physician can review your overall health to ensure that screenings, vaccinations and basic health issues are addressed and refer you to specialists when needed.

Certain screenings and tests are recommended by age, gender and health status. Screenings help your doctor provide more complete, personalized care. Early detection saves lives. 

Health Screenings Can Save Your Life - Billings Clinic Lunch and Learn - March 2014

Health Screenings Can Save Your Life - Billings Clinic Lunch and Learn

Billings Clinic Family Medicine Physician Dr. Michael Temporal talks about what health screenings are available and right for your own health and well-being.

Health Screenings for Men and Women*

Physical Exam (Ages 18+)

Every 1 to 5 years depending on risk factors

Blood Pressure (Ages 18+)

Every health contact or at least every 2 years

Cholesterol and HDL Test (Ages 18+)

Baseline at age 20; every 5 years, if normal

Tetanus Immunization Booster (Ages 18+)

Every 10 years

Influenza Vaccine (Ages 18+)


Pneumococcal Vaccine (Ages 50+)

At age 65, or younger if at high risk

Skin Exam (Ages 18+)

Every 3 years

Rectal Exam (Ages 18+)

Annually over age 40

Stool Check for Blood (Stool Occult Blood)(Ages 50+)


Colonoscopy (Ages 45+)

Every 10 years or Sigmoidoscopy: Every 3 to 5 years

Hearing Test (Ages 18+)

Every 10 years; every 3 years after age 50

Eye Exam (Ages 18+)

Every 2 to 4 years

Women: Pap and Pelvic Exam (Ages 18+)


Women: Clinical Breast Exam (Ages 18+)

Annually over age 18

Women: Mammogram (Ages 18+)

Baseline at age 40; annually after age 40

Men: Prostate Exam (Ages 50+)


Men: PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) Lab Test (Ages 50+)


*Your doctor may recommend different screening guidelines based on your risk factors.

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A complete physical is one of the best forms of preventive medicine. Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician today!

Health Screenings Checklist (PDF Version)

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