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Security Update

As we continue to evaluate and strengthen our cyber security effort at Billings Clinic, we are implementing new measures and protocols designed to further enhance the information security of our patients, employees, and partners. Beginning Friday, July 20, 2018, you must have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled in order to access your Billings Clinic Connect account. MFA promotes safe, secure access to Billings Clinic systems and information. This is a tool that requires you to approve login attempts to your account before access is granted. We understand that these new measures may cause some inconvenience as they are put into place, but know that they are in place to further secure your access and the information of our patients.

Please contact the Billings Clinic HelpDesk at (406) 657-3800 to enable your account with MFA.


To Access Applications

Don't have access to Billings Clinic's EMR?
Please complete this form.

Please note, the following are required for EMR Access: Citrix Install - Windows (required for clinical apps) Citrix Install - Mac

Resources for referring providers and staff

Billings Clinic's Referring Physician services include a 24/7 physician communication line for referring physicians and their office staff to streamline access to our medical services.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and your patients when you entrust us with their care. To connect with a doctor by phone or for assistance setting up an appointment for a patient, call 800-325-1774.

How can we help you?

Refer a Patient

To make a specialty clinic referral, please complete this form. Our Central Appointment office will process your request and contact you when the appointment is set up.

Online patient referral form

Hospital Patient Transfers

Transferring patients to the Billings Clinic Hospital is intended to be easy and efficient.

  1. Call our dedicated physician communication line: 1-800-325-1774
  2. If needed, please use this Pre-transfer Call Checklist to help prepare the necessary patient information for the transfer call.
  3. Inform the Call Center that you are calling to have a patient transferred to Billings Clinic.
  4. You will be connected with a resource nurse, who will help ensure you are connected with the correct physician or specialty with the first phone call. They will also begin to collect some demographic information about your patient.
  5. If it is determined that a transfer is necessary, the nurse will assist in arranging for the transport.
  6. If it is determined that a transfer is necessary, please use our Hospital Transfer Checklist to help ensure that all necessary information is sent with the patient so we can provide the right care to the patient as quickly as possible once the patient arrives. Simply print the checklist and provide it to your transfer team to make sure all information is sent with patient.

This process allows you to make one call in which we can determine the best treatment for the patient and the appropriate mode of transfer.

Provider to Provider Discussions

Steps to Consult with a Physician About Your Patient

  1. Call our dedicated physician communication line at 1-800-325-1774.
  2. You will be connected with the physician of your choice (if that physician is not available you will be connected to another provider within that specialty)