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What Our Nurse Resident Say

Billings Clinic Nursing Residency Learning

“The residency program gave us a way to express our concerns, troubles, and experiences that we were having as new nurses on the floor. It gave us an outlet and a support group to alleviate the stress of the first year as well as creating trusting relationships amongst each other. The program also introduced us to many different people and situations that we would see allowing us to be able to better communicate and react appropriately on the floor.”

“I am very grateful for this residency program. Hearing from some of my fellow students about how unsupported they feel compared to my experience at Billings Clinic is astounding. I feel like if I have needs and questions I can find someone to help. The feeling of being cared for and having someone checking up on you is very comforting.”

Billings Clinic Nursing Residency Nurses in Action

“I feel very blessed to have access to such great quality of continuing education. There is so much to learn at the beginning of this job, and it is always helpful to come to class and be reminded of things I've done once or twice on the floor, or be introduced to new resources I didn't know were available to me (like ordering a nutrition or wound care consult). The classes the very first week were the most helpful, and now the classes are a good opportunity to take a day away from the floor and go over what I have already learned and digest a bit more information.”

“This program introduces you to a lot of different resources within the hospital that we might not have been able to interact with. It opens areas of interest to help us see the many different faces of the hospital.”

“The residency program shaped me into a nurse who will advocate for my patients and feeling empowered to do so. Whether that means advocating to peers about how a task should be done or going to a doctor and expressing a concern I have. The program was also a huge support network that made my first year, bearable. After finally finishing nursing school you think the biggest hurdles are behind you and the “real world” will be fun and rewarding. Unfortunately, “real nursing” in the first year is hard, challenging, eye-opening, and extreme moments of growth. With the residency program, I gained life-long friends, learned more about myself and nursing roles than I ever realized and gained perspective on everybody being human and we are going to make mistakes.”

Billings Clinic Nursing Residents Training

“The nurse residency can seemed time demanding and tedious at times. However, it is amazing how much during a shift I think, we covered that in residency class, or recognize someone who came and talked to us in class, and as a result I am more comfortable approaching them on the floor. Also having, that feeling of knowing that there is someone not attached to the department who I can go talk to about stuff is a comforting thing keep in the back of my mind when situations come up.”

Contact Information

For Nurse Residency questions

Kelsey Meyer, BSN, RN, CMSRN
Nurse Residency Specialist
Office: 406-435-6956
Cell: 406-672-4996

AJ Peterschick, BSN, RN
Nurse Residency Specialist
Office: 406-435-6330

For Nurse Residency Human Resources questions

Andrea Doll, Talent & Workforce Coordinator

New Nurse Graduates
Apply Here

New Graduates Residency Opportunities

Nurse Residency Important Dates

If you possess a nursing license and have less than 12 months of experience, we accept applications year-round.

If you have not graduated from nursing school, see deadlines below. Candidates who apply after closing dates will still be considered.

May 2022 Graduate Application Period:

  • Opens January 1, 2022
  • Closes February 5, 2022
  • Specialty Units, starting February 2022
  • MED/SURG, starting late February 2022

August 2022 Graduate Application Period:

  • Opens March 15, 2022
  • Closes May 20, 2022
  • Specialty Units, starting May 2022
  • MED/SURG, starting May 2022

December 2022 Graduate Application Period:

  • Opens June 25 1, 2022
  • Closes October 1, 2022
  • Specialty Units, starting October 2022
  • MED/SURG, starting October 2022