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Clinical Information System - CIS

Billings Clinic is committed to providing clinical quality. We strive to achieve this by providing the right care for each patient, the first time and every time.

What is CIS?

CIS is a computerized system that organizes, stores and double checks all your medical information. Your health history, prescriptions, doctor's notes and dictation and all other information are kept together, electronically. This replaces the paper charts of the past.

How does using the CIS system improve my care?

The system has many built-in safety features that greatly reduce the chance of errors. Caregivers are required to enter accurate information; they're alerted of any conflicts, and given any other information that your condition requires.

Are my medical records secure and private?

Absolutely. The CIS allows only qualified caregivers access to your records. The system is much more secure than a paper chart.

How CIS helps us provide you with better care:

  • In an emergency, your doctor has immediate access to your complete medical history.
  • During your office visit, doctors can schedule and order the tests you need directly through the system.
  • Doctors can access test results immediately.
  • Doctors can send your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, where you can pick them up as you leave the clinic.

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