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Clinical Trials

A clinical study (or trial) is a carefully designed study that involves people like you who volunteer to receive investigational treatments under close supervision by a physician, an institutional review board to ensure your safety and other research professionals. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have developed these treatments. These companies have then selected physicians, also called investigators, who are qualified to conduct clinical trials. It is through these trials that investigational drugs may show their benefits.

What can I expect in a clinical trial?

Once you have enrolled in a study, you will receive a physical examination and your medical history will be reviewed. A detailed description of your specific clinical trial and what's expected of you will be outlined in your consent form.

Clinical trials offer participants the following benefits:

  • Access to new treatments not yet available to the general public
  • Expert medical care at a leading health care center
  • Diagnostic tests free of charge
  • Laboratory evaluations free of charge
  • New drugs available free of charge
  • A personal contribution towards improved health care

When you participate in a clinical trial through Billings Clinic Research Center, your study records and patient information are kept strictly confidential.

How can I participate in clinical trial?

To see if you qualify for a current study at Billings Clinic Research Center, call our clinical trial recruitment nurse at (406) 657-4111 or toll free 1-800-996-2663. You can also email our office at

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