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Collaborative Science & Innovation

Billings Clinic Collaborative Science and Innovation Team

The Collaborative Science & Innovation (CSI) Team collaborates with scientists, physicians, nurses and clinicians to conduct health research studies throughout Billings Clinic and our affiliated sites. We also partner with outside regional, national, and international researchers to investigate and integrate novel strategies and innovative models to improve patient outcomes.

Our Research Focus

CSI supports an interdisciplinary team science approach that integrates research and new evidence-based models of health care delivery into direct patient care at Billings Clinic and beyond. Our research scope includes:

  • Patient Outcomes and Quality of Life
  • Population Health
  • Healthy living strategies
  • Rural health care delivery
  • Quality Improvement

Our research team 

The Collaborative Science & Innovation Team is comprised of experienced investigators, analysts, research specialists, and support staff. We offer the expertise to navigate the broad spectrum of health services research, that is, from idea and concept to implementation and integration to improved patient care and outcomes.

About Collaborative Science & Innovation at Billings Clinic

In October 1999, Billings Clinic established the Center on Aging. Just as science is constantly evolving, our department has evolved from the Center on Aging to the Center for Clinical and Translational Research and finally into Collaborative Science & Innovation. Our scope has broadened to include health services research, population health research, promotion of healthier living, and rural health care delivery. We also support an interdisciplinary team science approach, which integrates research and new evidence-based models of health care delivery into patient care.


For more information please contact Jeannine M. Brandt, PhD