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Collaborative Science & Innovation

Billings Clinic Collaborative Science and Innovation Team

Collaborative Science & Innovation, formerly the Center for Clinical Translational Research, has a new vision and a new design.  Our purpose is to partner with scientists, physicians, nurses, clinicians, and other health care professionals across our organization to investigate and integrate novel strategies and innovative models to improve patient outcomes.

We support our health care professionals from idea and concept to implementation and integration. We do this by:

  • Assessing the validity of clinical and medical project ideas
  • Developing efforts that support and align with organization goals
  • Implementing the transfer of new knowledge to practice with the goal of improving outcomes for our patients

The Collaborative Science & Innovation Team 

Our team of physicians and scientists will:

  • Collaborate with multiple Billings Clinic health care professionals, affiliated sites, and national and international researchers
  • Serve as project navigators from idea to implementation to dissemination
  • Integrate research and new evidence-based models of health care delivery into patient care
  • Provide implementation science training and mentorship to Billings Clinic novice and experienced investigators to pursue and conduct original research 
  • Align the research efforts with Billings Clinic's Mission of Health Care, Education, and Research

About Collaborative Science & Innovation at Billings Clinic

Originally established in 1999 as the Center for Clinical Translational Research (CCTR) to conduct health services research and promote healthier living, the department has evolved to support an interdisciplinary team science approach, integrating research and new evidence-based models of health care delivery into patient care.  


Collaborative Science & Innovation
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