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Collaborative Science & Innovation Publications

Billings Clinic is committed to a culture of best in nation clinical quality, safety, service and value for the patients we serve. This commitment is exemplified in our contributions to the development of new knowledge and evidence-based practice. Recent publications and presentations from the Collaborative Science & Innovation team members include the following:



Anja H Olafsen, Christopher P Niemiec, Edward L Deci, Hallgeir Halvari, Etty R Nilsen, Geoffrey C Williams. (2021). Mindfulness buffers the adverse impact of need frustration on employee outcomes: A self-determination theory perspective. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology.

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Carla Mohr, Cassandra Jensen, Nicole Padden, Jamie M Besel, Jeannine M Brant. (2020). Peppermint Essential Oil for Nausea and Vomiting in Hospitalized Patients: Incorporating Holistic Patient Decision Making Into the Research Design. J Holist Nurs.

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Akram Kharazmi, Jeannine M Brant, Moosa Sajjadi, Mahdi Moshki, Leila Sadegh Moghadam. (2020). Validation of the Persian version of family health climate scale (FHC-Scale) in Iranian families. BMC Public Health.

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Nezar Ahmed Salim, Mohammed Ghassan Tuffaha, Jeannine M Brant. (2020). Impact of a pain management program on nurses’ knowledge and attitude toward pain in United Arab Emirates: Experimental-four Solomon group design. Appl Nurs Res.


Robert Huston, Martin L Lee, Evelyn D Rider, Melissa L Stawarz, Dawn Hedstrom, Melissa M Pence, Vera L Chan, M Jessica Chambers, Stephanie Rogers, Nadine C Seger, Laurie A Riemann, Howard S Cohen. (2019). Early fortification of enteral feedings for infants <1250 grams birth weight receiving a human milk diet including human milk based fortifier. J Neonatal Perinatal Med.

Jeannine M Brant, Karen B Hirschman, Sarahlena L Keckler, William N Dudley, Carrie Stricker. (2019). Patient and Provider Use of Electronic Care Plans Generated From Patient-Reported Outcomes. Oncol Nurs Forum.

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Jeannine M Brant. (2019). Introduction. Semin Oncol Nurs.

Tonya Edwards, Toya Foster, Jeannine M Brant. (2019). Managing Cancer Pain in Patients with Opioid and Substance Use Disorders. Semin Oncol Nurs.

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Susan L Beck, Nancy Dunton, Patricia H Berry, Jeannine M Brant, Jia-Wen Guo, Catima Potter, Beth Spornitz, Jacqueline Eaton, Bob Wong. (2019). Dissemination and Implementation of Patient-centered Indicators of Pain Care Quality and Outcomes. Med Care.

Jeannine M Brant, Regina M Fink, Cara Thompson, Ya-Huei Li, Maryam Rassouli, Tomoko Majima, Tomoko Osuka, Nahla Gafer, Ayfer Ayden, Khaled Khader, Eulalia Lascar, Lili Tang, Sophia Nestoros, Maihan Abdullah, Natasha Michael, Julie Cerruti, Eric Ngaho, Yolanda Kadig, Mohamed Hablas, Rana Istambouli, Mary A Muckaden, Mushtaq Najm Ali, Bella Aligolshvili, Rana Obeidat, Gulnara Kunirova, Ma’an Al-Omari, Mohammad Qadire, Suha Omran, Marie C Mouhawej, Mohcine Zouak, Ibtisam Ghrayeb, Nemeh Manasrah, Alexey Youssef, Paz Fernandez-Ortega, Gonca Tuncel Oguz, Loyoda Amor Cajucona, Kassie Leaphart, Alexa Day, Michael Silbermann. (2019). Global Survey of the Roles, Satisfaction, and Barriers of Home Health Care Nurses on the Provision of Palliative Care. J Palliat Med.

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Diane T Hurd, Mariela Herrera, Jeannine M Brant, Nicholas C Coombs, Eric Arzubi. (2019). Prospective, Open Trial of Adjunctive Triple Chronotherapy for the Acute Treatment of Depression in Adolescent Inpatients. J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol.


Michael Silbermann, L Baider, A Saleem, Nahla Gafer, Lili Tang, AR Fadhil, Maryam Rassouli, A Hassan, Paz Fernandez-Ortega, Jeannine M Brant, R Kebudi, D Respini, Mary A Muckaden. (2018). The overwhelming contribution of women to the development and establishment of palliative care as a recognized medical specialty. British Journal of Cancer Research.

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