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Nursing Research

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Jamie Besel PhD, MN, RN
Research Nurse Scientist

Billings Clinic supports and fosters the development of nurse-led research and evidence-based practice. Nursing research discovers new knowledge and innovation related to nursing care to build a scientific basis for nursing practice that is generalizable.

The overall goals of nursing research are to prevent disease and disability, eliminate pain and symptoms caused by disease states, and enhance palliative and end of life care.

Nursing research has a long history at Billings Clinic but the process became more formalized through the Magnet journey. The first was in 2006.

The Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Council, chartered in 2004, oversees nurse-led research at Billings Clinic and remains a solid foundation to guide nurses in the responsible conduct of research. Discovery of new knowledge, use of innovation, and improving health care systems are foundational elements of Magnet nursing. Magnet organizations are called to make visible contributions to the science of nursing, and this is accomplished through nursing research.

Culture of Inquiry

At Billings Clinic, we value a culture of inquiry where current evidence and research is used to support clinical decisions. Nurses within our culture of inquiry take time to reflect on their practice, stay current in their fields of expertise, and share new knowledge on an ongoing basis that can be implemented into practice. Policies and procedures are evidence-based and are referenced according to the most recent studies from the literature.

Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice Council

The Nursing Research Council (NRC), comprised of one nurse from each unit and other nursing leaders, plays an integral role in creating a culture of inquiry at Billings Clinic. The NRC sets evidence-based practice (EBP) and research goals for the organization, promotes scientific integrity of research, and strives to promote EBP and research wherever patient care is delivered. The NRC works collaboratively with Montana State University College of Nursing in research endeavors and together, hosts the annual EBP and Research Symposium.

Research Mentorship

Nurses at Billings Clinic embrace life-long learning and have numerous opportunities to expand their knowledge in the areas of EBP and research. The Nurse Scientist meets with nurses individually and mentors those who are pursuing advanced degrees or who would like to pursue an EBP project or research study. Opportunity exists to work with the Billings Clinic Collaborative Science & Innovation research team, of which the Nurse Scientist is a part.

Participate in a Study

Participation in a research study can be healthful and rewarding. 

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Nursing Annual Report

Billings Clinic Nursing Annual Report 2017-18