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Cancer Resources & Survivorship

The Billings Clinic Cancer Center supports cancer patients and their families by providing information, emotional support, and community resources.

These resources and support programs include:

Annual Reports

Cancer Links

Cancer Resource Center

Cancer Center Resource LibraryOur Cancer Resource Center is a designated area in the Billings Clinic Cancer Center that provides a variety of education materials as well as access to a computer with internet capabilities to show online resources.

Cancer Risk Assessments

Billings Clinic cancer risk assessments provide options for prevention, genetic counseling and early detection for people at high risk of developing cancer. Individuals should consider a high-risk assessment if they have one or more of the following: a strong family history of cancer, a personal past history of cancer, lifestyle factors which increase their personal risk of cancer (i.e., tobacco use) or concerns about cancer. For an appointment, call HealthLine at 255-8400 or 1-800-252-1246.

Clinical Research Trials

More than 100 clinical research trials are available for leading-edge treatments at Billings Clinic. View the current clinical trials offered through Billings Clinic Cancer Center.

Community Education

View a list of current education programs on various topics of interest. To see all the cancer-specific classes and support groups, view our Wellness Calendar.

Emotional Support

Social and emotional health and support are essential components to physical healing. Cancer impacts all life roles from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. We offer several support programs to assist with emotional concerns for the individual and the family.

Patients and their loved ones are invited to attend our free support group and special events. The Cancer Center Wellness Calendar keeps you up to date on classes and support groups designed for cancer patients and their families. Wellness Calendar

Our Pediatric Center offers ongoing support and group activities for kids who have cancer and their families.

Infusion Center

The infusion center is located in the Cancer Center and provides intravenous treatment to patients. Typical treatments include chemotherapy, antibiotics, blood transfusions and hydration. Our infusion center is staffed by registered nurses with special oncology training and certifications. They serve patients seven days a week including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Integrative Medicine

The Cancer Center offers integrative oncology therapies for cancer patients.

Outreach Programs

Billings Clinic's Cancer Center has one of the largest and most extensive outreach clinic programs in the nation. Created to bring cancer care closer to the individual's home, Billings Clinic physicians' travel up to 350 miles to see and treat cancer patients at any one of our outreach sites in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota.

Clinics are conducted one to four times per month at community sites to bring the clinical expertise to the patient and supervise the chemotherapy administration. The Cancer Center professionals maintain a close interpersonal and clinical relationship with rural health care providers and patients to ensure quality care is being provided while the patient is close to their support system and home community. To find out more about our outreach clinics please contact the Billings Clinic HealthLine at 1-800-252-1246 or 406-255-8400.

Pain & Palliative Care

Palliative care is available to relieve suffering and improve quality of life for patients with advanced illness and their families. Palliative care team members include physicians, nurses, chaplains and social workers. Palliative care may reduce a patient's symptoms, such as pain, by addressing physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. Palliative care may include:

  • Transition from aggressive medical/surgical care to comfort-oriented care
  • Assistance with advanced care planning to match patient's goals of care with appropriate treatments
  • End-of-life care
  • Support for emotional, social and spiritual distress for patients or family
Registered nurses serve as patient care navigators at Billings Clinic with the purpose of ensuring the best cancer care experience for every patient through the coordination of services. These nurses strive to provide seamless care for cancer patients and their families by offering education, support and guidance to help the patient and families to cope with the many challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis. Responsibilities of the patient care navigator include facilitating timely diagnosis and treatment, providing patient/family education regarding the cancer experience, connecting patients and families with support services, referring of cases to the tumor board conferences and clinical research, and collaborating with program leaders in program development.

Professional Counseling

Individual and family counseling sessions with a licensed social worker or licensed counselor are also available. Please schedule these sessions with the individual provider. The appointments are typically 30-50 minutes. Billings Clinic will bill Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for these services. Financial assistance is also available.

Senior Life

This program provides transportation to and from oncology appointments in Billings.

Stem Cell Transplant Center

Stem cell transplant is the standard of care for certain types of cancers. This means it has been proven to provide the patient with the best outcome for treating their cancer. Stem cell transplant allows your physician to integrate the use of high dose chemotherapy with the strategies that preserve bone marrow function. Transplant expertise includes the use of mobilized peripheral blood stem cells and bone marrow growth factors to promote recovery from high dose chemotherapy.

Historically, cancer patients receiving high-dose chemotherapy have been required to enter the hospital for lengthy periods. Today, continuing advances in cancer research and treatment make it possible for patients to receive much of their treatment on a strictly-monitored outpatient basis. Working closely with your physician, the staff of this program will provide the prescribed therapy in the outpatient Infusion Center. You will only be hospitalized when absolutely necessary.

Billings Clinic Cancer Center offers the only stem cell transplant program in Montana and Wyoming.

Learn more about Billings Clinic's Stem Cell Transplantation program.

Symptom Management Team

A team, consisting of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, oncology nurse, social worker, and other multidisciplinary team members, is available throughout a patient's experience with cancer from the point of diagnosis forward. The Symptom Management Team can assist with:

  • improved quality of life
  • assessment and treatment of pain
  • psychosocial needs
  • spiritual needs
  • advanced care planning
  • decreasing side effects such as pain, fatigue, constipation, weight loss, weakness, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping as well as mental health or emotional symptoms such as confusion, depression, and anxiety.

To request a referral, or for more information, call 406-238-2500, extension 7377.

Therapeutic Massage

Relax your body... ease your mind... and renew your spirit. Massage sessions are tailored to individual’s needs to provide relaxation and stress reduction, as well as relief of muscular tension and physical discomforts. Appointments are available in the Cancer Center's Integrative Medicine suite on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To schedule a massage with Moriah, please call 406-200-2250 or email Fees based on length of massage.

Tobacco Cessation Program

Our tobacco cessation program provides options and alternatives to the “cold turkey” approach. Research shows greater success rates with combined individual sessions, group support and pharmacologic assistance (either over-the-counter or prescription).

Women's Wellness Screening Program

The Women's Wellness Screening Program is funded through the Billings Clinic Foundation and provides free mammograms and/or pap smears, clinical breast exams, and lipid panels for uninsured or underinsured women every month. Fifteen women each month are provided free screening each month through this program.

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