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Published on October 13, 2015

Carri - Breast Cancer Survivor

Carri - Breast Cancer Survivor - 1 in 8

"When I received the call about my biopsy results, I could hear the empathy in the nurse’s voice on the other side of the line. I almost felt sorry for her. What must it be like to deliver that kind of news to someone? I was totally blown away. I’m still processing it all.

I told my wife first, and we immediately moved into action mode. She wanted to know what our next steps were. We talked with my navigator, Kathy, who assured me this is something we were all going to...get through together. After that, we cried. And then we rallied. My wife is strong. We’re stronger together. She’s been my yelling post, my leaning post, my crying post, and my holding me up post. My family thanks her daily for taking care of me.

After ten years by my side, we’re finding a new normal together. There’s actually a lot of arts and crafts going on in our house lately. I’m thankful even for that. It’s the little things that matter now. I’m thankful for the hope I have, for the care I’ve received…people have just gone above and beyond. You really find out who your true friends are when something like this comes along. I know now. Ultimately this is my journey in survivorship but I can’t say I’ve ever really felt alone in it.

I'd never heard of any kind of breast cancer statistic before this...especially that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. are diagnosed every year. But breast cancer can happen to anyone. If I could give any woman any advice it would be to know your boobs. Know your body. It’s yours…no one else’s. Oh…and love one another. That’s important too. I am ‪#‎1in8‬."


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