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Nutrition Support

Cancer Nutrition ServicesReferrals

For more information or to inquire about a Nutrition Support referral, please call:
406-435-7391 or

Proper nutrition is essential for living well during and after cancer treatment. Billings Clinic has three Registered Dietitians who are passionate about providing individualized, evidenced-based nutrition care to all cancer patients.

We recognize the link between diet and health continues to grow stronger and in fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 35% of new cancer diagnoses are related to diet. In addition to affecting physical health, nutrition plays a major role in your mental health and well-being. The food you eat affects your energy level and how well you sleep and think. During treatment, your body has a greater need for certain nutrients to help you fight cancer; the right foods will help you regain strength and vitality.

Fortunately, eating well does not have to mean preparing complicated foods or gourmet recipes. The simpler and easier the recipes are to prepare, the better – and the more likely you are to have the energy to eat. Our dietitians work one on one to develop individual nutrition strategies to meet your needs and to help prevent and manage common side effects while improving your quality of life through cancer treatments.

When cancer interferes with someone’s ability to eat, we are right by your side to help educate patients on the routes for nutrition and how to care for yourself if you need a feeding tube or IV specialized feedings. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we are happy to collaborate with all members of your health care team to ensure your receive optimal cancer care at Billings Clinic.

Registered Dietitians

Kandis Wessel, RD, LN

Kandis Wessel, RD, LN

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Anna Harrower, RD, LN

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