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ClariVein® for Varicose Veins

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If you’re suffering from varicose veins, spider veins, thread veins or broken veins, ClariVein® is an advanced varicose vein treatment to ease your pain and restore your body confidence.

The ClariVein® treatment requires one single injection site, allowing for a virtually pain free experience with minimal bruising and lasting results.

The ClariVein® catheter is inserted into the vein under ultrasound guidance. The tip of the catheter then rotates, causing the vein to go into spasm. At the same time a chemical is sprayed into the vein which effectively seals it, preventing the varicose vein from returning.

Benefits of ClariVein® treatment:

  • Multiple injections are no longer needed
  • Can be performed in your doctor's office
  • Typically takes very little time
  • Only requires a pin-sized entry through the skin
  • Less bruising than any other procedure
  • Results are visible almost immediately
  • Return to your activities the same day

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