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Visitation Guidelines during COVID pandemic

Billings Clinic is committed to keeping our patients and their loved ones together and connected, while implementing visitation guidelines that are based on data about COVID-19 severity to reduce community spread. These guidelines are designed to keep our patients, their loved ones, and our caregivers and community safe. These decisions are not made lightly and are supported by our leadership, care teams, patient family advisory council, and community members.

We acknowledge visitation restrictions are frustrating, and it is difficult to not visit your loved one, however these steps are necessary and appropriate as safety is our top priority. Thank you for your understanding. Billings Clinic has created several virtual visit options that will help you connect with your loved one when you are not able to visit in person. Please let us know if you need assistance connecting virtually.

Visitation Guidelines during COVID pandemic

COIVD Visitation Guidelines

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Visitors can expect:

  1. All patients and staff are screened before entrance into our facilities. This includes a temperature check, questions related to any COVID-like symptoms. All who enter will be required to wear a mask and sanitize their hands-on entry. Physical distancing (> 6 feet apart) must also be observed. You will receive a wristband showing you passed the screening.
  2. All patients and staff are required to wear masks while on-site. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. Masks must be worn correctly at all times while on our campus.
  3. If you are allowed visitation, please be aware that you are assuming a risk that you may become sick, or that you may spread sickness to your family members in the hospital or at home. By choosing to take that risk, you also have a responsibility to self-quarantine from the last known exposure to a COVID-19+ patient, as well as monitor and report to your healthcare provider any new symptoms.
  4. THANK YOU to all our visitors for supporting our health care heroes by following these guidelines. Visitors who do not follow published guidelines will be asked to visit at another time when guidelines can be followed or to visit virtually.
  5. Any exceptions to the visitation guidelines should be approved by department leadership.

Viral Triage Unit

The Billings Clinic Viral Triage Unit (VTU) is a walk-in based clinic that can evaluate anyone with viral type symptoms such as sinus congestion, sore throat, cough, fever, body aches, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, or any other potential cold or flu like symptoms.

If you are evaluated at the VTU you can be tested for COVID-19 with or without a provider evaluation, depending on your symptoms and severity of illness.

Call 406-238-2500. Please ask for the Viral Triage Unit.

VTU hours and location

Virtual Care

We have options for care from the comfort and safety of your home for many of our services.

Learn more about Billings Clinic Virtual Care.

406-255-8400 or

Virtual Care Help