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MedFlight Air Ambulance

When team and time are critical, MedFlight is the answer

Billings Clinic MedFlight Service Area Map

The Billings Clinic MedFlight Air Ambulance is a medical transport team that brings Billings Clinic quality and expert care directly to the patient. The MedFlight Air Ambulance operates from its base in Billings, Montana. MedFlight strives to provide the safest, most advanced transport care in Montana, Wyoming, the Rocky Mountain region and nationally.

MedFlight functions as a mobile ICU/ED. We care for patients needing medical/trauma critical care in rural communities and provide air transportation to the accepting facility. Within minutes of your request, MedFlight can be launched to quickly meet your patients' needs.

Billings Clinic MedFlight is an in-network provider with most insurance companies in the region. If your deductible has been met, the only additional out-of-pocket expense may be the cost sharing amount provided in your insurance plan.

Billings Clinic has highly skilled, well-trained, well-supported and equipped flight crews who will transport your patients in our

We are committed to providing value to you and your patients, and strive to keep our costs reasonable and fair. We offer many unique life-saving capabilities that other flight programs may not be able to offer, including:

  • Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBCs)
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  • KCentra – a 4-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate for rapid warfarin/anti-coagulation reversal
  • Crofab (Antivenom)
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) – The ONLY one in our region
  • REVEL and Hamilton T1 Ventilators operated by Critical Care Respiratory Therapist
  • Tranexamic Acid (TXA) for trauma patients
  • Nicardipine for treatment of SAH
  • NICU/High Risk OB Team
  • Blood transfusion capabilities coming soon

Mobile ICU/ED

  • Medical cardiac
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Therapy (only air ambulance in Montana that offers this service)
  • IABP
  • Ventilated patients
  • Trauma
  • High Risk OB
  • Neonatal


  • High level practice
  • Medical cardiac, IABP, ventilated patients

Fixed Wing & Rotor Wing Aircraft

Fixed Wing Aircraft

  • Beechcraft King Air 200 Turbo Prop Jets
  • Modified for takeoff and landing on shorter rural runways
  • Average round-trip 350 Miles
  • Aircraft flight speed 320 mph

Safety benefits of the fixed wing:

  • Dual pilot/Dual engine Aircraft King Air 200s
  • Outerlink satellite GPS tracking

Rotor Wing Aircraft

  • EC145e rotor wing aircraft
  • Maximum takeoff weight of 7,903 lbs, the same as the EC145C2 variant, but the useful load is increased by as much as 330 lbs (VFR) and as much as 270 lbs (IFR)
  • 150-mile radius around the Bozeman area

Safety benefits of the rotor wing:

  • Glass cockpit allowing for better visibility for pilots
  • Spacious interior with a large, unobstructed flat floor cabin providing excellent cockpit visibility for pilots and crew as well as unrivaled loading capability from the rear and side (patient loads from rear, while crew can use side sliding doors)

Patient Care Providers/Medical Oversight

  • Evidence-based Intensivists/Pulmonologist
  • Emergency Care
  • Obstetrics/Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Neonatologists/Pediatricians
  • Accessible leadership and support throughout all phases of flight by land line, radio, or satellite phone


  • Available 24/7 to make patient care transition from hospital to hospital as seamless as possible
  • Dedicated to exceeding the standard of patient care, improving patient's condition during transport
  • Highest level of safety
  • Compassion, respect, and dignity for patients and families

We strive to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen positive relationships with our regional health care partners.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission: We will be the pre-eminent transport service of critically ill patients in our region, nationally recognized as a model for rural inter-facility transports. We will provide the highest level of clinical assessment, appropriate stabilization and consistent critical care standards during transport.

Vision: Our first priority is the patient; all patients will receive superior care in the safest environment during transport. We believe working as a team is essential for success. All our efforts will reflect the highest standards of patient care, ethics, integrity and safety.

Values: Quality, Professionalism, People, Teamwork, Integrity


MedFlight is deeply rooted in central Montana and is the choice for medical transport. MedFlight began service in 1978 and is recognized as the first flight team west of the Mississippi.

In its infancy, MedFlight was a two-fold Mobile Intensive Care Service, providing both ground and air transports.

From its humble beginnings to a regional leader in patient transport, MedFlight has become the flight team of choice for many of our health care partners.

Request a Flight

To request a flight, call Billings Clinic MedFlight at 406-255-8411 or 1-800-325-1774, ext. MedFlight

Helicopter at Bozeman airport to provide critical air ambulance services

Billings Clinic has a helicopter air ambulance service in Bozeman. This is an expansion of its Billings-based fixed wing MedFlight Air Ambulance service and provides an extension of critical lifesaving transportation consistent with Billings Clinic’s mission.

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