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MedFlight Safety

MedFlight places the safety of our patients, crew, pilots and health care partners above all else. Recognizing the demanding nature of our work we constantly strive to exceed the best practice standards for air ambulance service. Variables in weather, landing areas and communication all contribute to the risk factors to our crews, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

MedFlight has long been a proponent of crew safety.

Runways are crucial to MedFlight reaching the patient safely. MedFlight pilots make all efforts to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew. By using computerized flight tracking via satellite our dispatchers can track flights in real time.

By using computerized data collection systems MedFlight personnel can easily track trends and perform QA/QI quickly and efficiently. Digital preservation of all flight records adds an extra level of security and privacy.

Fixed wing pilots have digital weather radar technology during flight. In this way they can predict turbulent weather and make changes in the flight path to make each transport a comfortable one for both patient and family. Satellite phone service is accessible during flight making contact with ground services easy.

Maintaining our two Beechcraft King Airs, MedFlight, in conjunction with its vendor, Edwards Jet Center, has three full-time mechanics on duty and on call 24/7.  Keeping detailed repair records, Edwards Jet Center mechanics keep our aircraft in top performance condition. 

Safety is our highest priority in MedFlight.  Our mechanics excel as master aircraft mechanics.  Expertise in King Air maintenance makes them a key to our success.

Medical Qualifications

The standards of care for MedFlight personnel provide for the rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the critically ill or injured patient. Flight crews are directly involved in research and training that impacts patient care. The written protocols that reflect the most current medical thinking enables our teams to begin that time sensitive treatment.

Rigorous ongoing education and hands on training are necessary to support the extensive skills and knowledge that are the expectation of flight team members. Team members have an intimate knowledge of flight physiology, airway management, advanced IV access, use of chemical sedation and paralytic, Burn treatment, cardiac abnormalities, pediatric skills, IABP therapy and many life saving skills. Air Medical Resource management is another facet of this training.

Staff continue their training with daily ICU rounds, advanced procedure assistance and performance, simulator work with real life scenarios, shift work in the ICU and ER and operating suite to further advance these skills.

MedFlight medical directors are board certified in their areas of expertise. In association with flight staff daily we improve the health care delivery system.

Request a Flight

To request a flight, call Billings Clinic MedFlight at 406-255-8411 or 1-800-325-1774, ext. MedFlight

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