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Skilled MedFlight Team

MedFlight team members have diverse skills and extensive experience making them ideal for our service. MedFlight skills and training are centered around ICU and Emergency skills practiced at Billings Clinic. MedFlight represents the best of what Billings Clinic has to offer to its patients and their families.

Highly trained in their area of expertise, MedFlight team members treat each transport as their most important mission. MedFlight holds it crews to a higher standard which seeks the best outcome for all patients.

MedFlight Manager

The MedFlight manager is our Billings Clinic representative, responsible for the overall function and budget planning for the department.

Medical Directors

Demonstrating their commitment to MedFlight our Medical Directors are board certified in their area of practice and committed to the MedFlight mission of patient care.

Actively practicing their specialty they share their wealth of experience with the staff of MedFlight. In direct partnership with flight nurses and therapists and Billings Clinic physician leaders, they offer everyday hands on training in both the ICU and ER setting. Keeping MedFlight on the forefront of air medical ambulance skills and training is their goal.

Flight Dispatchers

MedFlight dispatchers may be located on the ground but they are literally with the patient and team throughout the duration of the flight. From the moment they receive a request in our dedicated dispatch center until the team returns home, these dedicated professionals remain in constant contact with the team via radio, satellite phone and computerized tracking. They also maintain this communication with EMS, hospital/medical personnel and even families during these critical moments. On constant duty, MedFlight dispatchers are an integral part of our service.

Flight Nurses

MedFlight nurses are the best of what Billings Clinic offers its patients and families. First and foremost they are highly skilled in their area of practice of stabilization, diagnosis, treatment and transfer. These skills are reinforced daily during ICU rounds and shift work both in the ER and ICU.

Thoroughly trained in the physiology of flight and side by side work with Billings Clinic physicians, they bring Billings Clinic to the bedside of patients in need.

All staff are required to maintain numerous advanced certifications as well as teaching these respective programs. Many of these include:

  • ABLS - Advanced Basic Life Support
  • ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • BLS - Basic Life Support
  • ENPC - Emergency Nurse Pediatric Curriculum
  • PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • TBI - Trauma Brain Injury
  • TNCC - Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum
  • TNATC - Trauma Nurse Advanced Trauma Curriculum

Flight Respiratory Therapists

MedFlight Respiratory Therapists provide advanced airway and ventilator management for patients from pediatric to adult. Trained by the Critical Care Pulmonologists they are specialists in air medical transport. These professionals maintain their level of expertise by continuing to work in the critical areas demonstrating their craft.

Possessing duplicate certifications as nurses, Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT’s) function in concert with the nurse making crucial treatment decisions that impact the overall outcomes of patients. Cross trained RRT's are fully trained in patient assessment, packaging, treatment, medication administration and patient management.

With advanced skills that mirror their nurse partners the Respiratory Care Therapists are an invaluable part of the MedFlight team.

Obstetric Flight Nurses

Transfer of high-risk patients from a referring hospital is available by ambulance or the specialized MedFlight team. A specialized group of maternal nurses are available to assist in the transfer of the high-risk pregnancy patient from an outlying hospital to Billings Clinic.

Neonatal Transport Team

Transport of premature or ill infants from a referring hospital is available by ambulance or with the Neonatal MedFlight Team. A specialized team of neonatal intensive care nurses and registered respiratory therapists can assist in the transfer of the infant from an outlying hospital to the 13-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Billings Clinic.

Edwards Jet Center

Edwards Jet Center is dedicated to safe, reliable air transportation. The issue of safety is paramount.  Edwards Jet Center strives to constantly exceed these standards.

Through rigorous and thorough ground training, coupled with biennial simulator training and complete annual check rides, each pilot must prove that he/she is in absolute control of the airplane and situation at all times. Every pilot is acutely aware that in their skills rest the comforts and fears, as well as the lives of friends and families who are counting on a safe trip.

Additionally, all of MedFlight's transports are flown with two qualified pilots who are trained in the concept of Integrated Cockpit Resource Management.

Through vigilance and experience, Edwards Jet Center will continue to perform with confidence and professionalism.

Request a Flight

To request a flight, call Billings Clinic MedFlight at 406-255-8411 or 1-800-325-1774, ext. MedFlight