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Employee Assistance Program - EAP

Billings Clinic Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has offered cost-effective, quality health care services to companies and their employees since 1988. Recognizing that good physical health is closely tied to mental well-being, the EAP provides mental health services as an integral component of our employer health programs.

Throughout our lives, all of us will face difficult times, troubling relationships or stressful adjustments. The pressures of daily life affect everyone. While support from friends and family is certainly helpful, sometimes it may not be enough. Billings Clinic EAP offers confidential mental health and referral services to help employees discover workable solutions to the problems that affect them or their family’s health and well-being.

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Am I eligible to use EAP?

To find out your organization’s EAP benefits, contact your Human Resources or Benefits department to request information. If your employer is contracted with Billings Clinic EAP, you can make an appointment directly with one of our counselors. If they are contracted with another EAP network, you will need to contact them first for authorization and list of participating providers.

What services are offered through EAP?

  • Assessment with an EAP counselor. Based on assessment, the counselor will schedule short-term therapy or assist in locating other community resources to meet your specific concerns.
  • Short-term Counseling. Employees, couples and families may receive short-term counseling with one of our Masters level clinical counselors at no cost.
  • Referral for problems requiring more intensive or long-term treatment
  • Virtual Consultations. EAP can provide quality care to individuals in remote and outlying areas where mental health care is limited or unavailable. Available options include telephonic visits, secure video chat, and access through the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network. Contact a counselor to learn more about utilizing these options.

What help can EAP provide?

The goal of counseling at EAP is to identify the problem and discover realistic and effective solutions. Individual, couple, and family counseling sessions are available to help with a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Stress Management
  • Martial Problems
  • Alcohol/drug abuse
  • Work issues
  • Elder Care
  • Family Problems
  • Divorce Adjustment
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Financial Concerns
  • Communication
  • Parenting and Discipline
  • Personal Issues
  • Work/Life Balance


Why offer EAP to your employees?

Contact Us

If your'e interested in providing EAP services to your employees, contact Occupational Health at 406-247-6200 and ask for more information.

As your most invaluable resource, employees contribute significantly to the success of your organization. Providing EAP services ensures they have access to support when they need it most. Everyone faces challenges from time to time, and these can have an impact on job performance. EAP provides the necessary support so employees can maintain strong mental health and continue contributing positively to your organization.

Good mental health has also been tied to physical health. Employees who receive mental health counseling often have lower utilization of the medical insurance, experience less absences, and experience better physical health. All of this means a happy and healthy workforce!
Billings Clinic EAP also provides support and resources to employer groups who may be struggling with team dynamics, a critical incident, or providing education topics.

Why contract with Billings Clinic EAP?

  • We have two Masters level clinical counselors located in Billings, MT. We understand local resources and our community dynamics when working with individuals.
  • We have the ability to schedule telephonic visits, virtual (video) visit, and Telemedicine visits for employees who are located outside our primary service area.
  • Receive supervisor training with topics such as dealing with difficult employees, diversity in the workplace, harassment, etc.
  • Provide Critical Incident Stress Management to affected supervisors and employees
  • Offer wellness education programs in a group setting to your employees on a variety of topics, including managing conflict, dealing with anger, improving communication, coping with depression, generational differences, stress management, or other topics as requested.

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Need an Appointment?

If your employer offers EAP through Billings Clinic Occupational Health, you can make an appointment with one of our EAP counselors.

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